Saturday, March 22, 2008

Welcome Messages

A message from Whee Sim, our dearest President of PMSSMP

Hello and welcome everyone, thank you for joining us in this blog.
I am very happy to be invited to leave my words in this blog. First of all I would like to say congratulation and thank you to Elsa our PMSSMM Exco IT and Information for putting effort into creating this blog successfully. I was expected to write a very formal speech on this blog to welcome all of you here. However, when I start writing this I feel that sometimes it is good to be able to relax and this is also one of the reasons this blog is set up. For all those SSMP students out there, this blog is set up hoping that the students can have an informal platform where all of us can discuss about stuff that happen lately and getting latest information about the school and the filed that all of us are related to. Although getting bus to SSMP nowadays is much easier but I still notice that the “bonding” among ssmp students are still not strong enough. Through the setting up of this blog I hope that all of us can fully utilize this blog as a bridge to bring us all together. Together we can achieve more than we can image. Finally I hope that this blog will fulfill it propose and will be beneficial to SSMP students.

A message from Melissa Tan, Vice President of PMSSMP

Bienvenue and Welcome to the first PMSSMP blog.
The creation of this blog is one of the efforts that PMSSMP is doing for all students of SSMP. We hope that by creation of this blog, SSMPians can benefit from it. Firstly, we would like to extend our gratitude to our first Exco IT dan Reka Cipta of PMSSMP, Elsa, for making this blog a reality. This blog is created so that SSMPians get to know what is happening or will take place in our school and the society with just a click away. News and announcements will be posted here as soon as we get the news (and of course, internet connection). So, if any of you happened to miss/skip lecture due to some unavoidable reasons (ahem), you can check out from here if anything was announced or told in the class. There may be even some humour sections if anything interesting/funny incident/event had taken place among us. We will avoid gossips at all cost!! We could not afford the lawyer and court bills if someone decided to sue us. And exam tips??? Hmmm… It is in consideration (=
All SSMPians can drop by and give some comments, as long as it is polite and relevant to the issue. PMSSMP reserves the rights to delete or disapprove any comments that are deemed malicious, rude, and irrelevant to the post. Do not hesitate to comment on ways to improve PMSSMP or the blog. This is also another platform for all of us to communicate to make things better for ourselves and SSMP. If there is anyone of you are interested in being a blogger for PMSSMP blog (which means being a Secretariat!!!), contact any of the PMSSMP board members. Don’t worry, we do not bite =p

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