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AIM night 2008 - 24th October 2008

On October 24th, 2008, SSMP’s very own AIM (Malam Anugerah Ikatan Mesra) night is held at Promenade hotel, from 7 p.m. till 11 p.m. Students form SSMP attended the AIM night as all tables are fully occupied. This shows all fellow SSMP-ians always support SSMP!

Most of the students dressed their best for AIM night, especially the girls. Many of them came in beautiful dresses, attractive make-ups and stylish hairstyles.

Awww!! Look at all the pretty babes~

SSMP students started arriving Promenade Hotel at approximately 6 p.m. since AIM night officially starts on 7 p.m. After all the students and lecturers were seated, The Assistant Vice Chancellor of student affairs and alumni Prof Dr Amran Ahmed was accompanied by the Dean of SSMP Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Ismail Abdullah into the hall. Shortly after their arrival, the Negaraku and UMS’s ‘Bertekad Cemerlang’ was played.

Firstly, the Dean of SSMP gave his meaningful speech. Next, Prof. Dr. Amran Ahmed spoke about his views on SSMP. After the speech, AIM night was officially started.

At about 8 p.m., we had our feast while enjoying some slideshows showing activities and events geld by SSMP throughout this semester. Beside that, we were also entertained by singing performance performed by Tan Eeleen, who sang while playing her guitar. An entertaining dance was also performed by Tan Heng Shian, whose dance was so awesome till it captured everyone’s attention. Dean’s lists were also given to those who achieved good results for the past semesters. Congratulations to them! In between the programmes, there were a few lucky draws and the lucky ones went home with something more than their door gift.

AIM night successfully ended around 10.30 p.m. Some enthusiastic students stayed back to take photos with each other although Promenade Hotel’s workers start to clean up the place as the event is over. The fourth year students took this opportunity to take photos with their lecturers as this was their night.

2008’s AIM night is held very successfully. We look forward to AIM night 2009. We owe a big ‘Thanks’ to all Committee members especially “Ms Director” Chong Hui Pin for their hard work and commitment.

All Cheers to the PMSSMP board 2007/2008!! *Muaks*

AGM 2008/2009 - 11th October 2008

Once again PMSSMP had held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and this time the meeting took place in SSMP instead of library. The AGM which was held on the 11th of October 2008 started around 11am and incredibly this time the turnout of students was amazing.

Was it because of the free food?
The free souvenirs?
Good publicity (Posters was seen all around the school)?
The 2nd year Food Science student’s extra class?

No one knew…

The meeting was conducted by our president Ms How Whee Sim herself. The main event of this AGM is the election for the new PMSSMP board members. As the meeting was going on, candidates of the future PMSSMP board members stood outside the hallways waiting for their turn to introduce themselves to the crowd and to persuade the crowd to vote for them.

After all 27 of the candidates finished their introduction, the actual voting began as everyone who was present started to mark on the voting papers which was given to them during the registration before they enter the meeting hall. After the voting, the meeting continued with the secretary’s annual report and treasurer’s annual report as the voting was being counted outside.

The AGM ended with a nice video display of PMSSMP 2007/2008 whole year activities which kept the audience entertained throughout the show. Everyone left the hall and headed to the food corner prepared by the AJKs to cater for all the hungry people who attended the meeting while still waiting for the election result to be released.

After a nice meal, our president gathered everyone at the SSMP foyer and announced the result. First she announced the chosen candidate for the 2008/2009 PMSSMP board members which was the top 14 highest vote. After congratulating all the candidates, she continued with the announcement of the highest vote which would be the future president of PMSSMP and the chosen president is non-other than

**rolling of drums**

our Food Bites editor herself!


The AGM was officially dismissed at around 2pm.

SID Chocolate Milk Production Talk - 18 September 2008

The School of Food Science and Nutrition was proud to have invited the Sabah International Dairies Sdn. Bhd., a famous dairies production company in Sabah, Malaysia, to give a brief talk on the production and processing of SID milk.

Thanks to Ms Ong Ai Ling, the PMSSMP’s Exco of Relations and Diplomatics, the talk held that day was a success.

The talk was held on 18th September in SSMP’s seminar room from 2 to 3.30pm.
The speakers that day were Mr. Omar – The Senior manager of the SID Sdn. Bhd. and Ms. Palissa Kiandee – The QA technologist respectively.

Both Mr. Omar and Ms Palissa Kiandee gave their brief explanation on their company’s product in their talk. It included the processes they had to undergo during the pasteurisation of the milk, storage of milk as well as the different flavours of milk the company is currently processing. This is extremely important as consumer acceptance is greatly affected by flavour. Production of quality milk is crucial as it is the concern of consumers of dairy products, retail distributors, milk and milk product processors, dairy cooperatives, state regulatory departments as well as veterinarians.

The talk ended with a Q&A session. Audiences were actively proposing questions and they perceived more through explanations by the speakers. Later the audiences were treated with sample packets of milk by Sabah International Dairies.

This talk had very much benefited the students of SSMP. A big thank you goes to the whole team led by Ms Ong Ai Ling. Without the full cooperation, the talk would not be a success.

The seminar room was packed with audiences and Sabah International Dairies staffs, paying full attention to the talks given by the speakers.

The whole team led by Ms Ong Ai Ling (Exco of Relations and Diplomatics) had made this talk a success.

The audiences were enjoying packets of Sabah International Dairies’ Milk.

Sabah Tea Trip - 30 August 2008

On 30 August 2008, PMSSMP organised a trip to Sabah Tea at Ranau. This trip received great response from the 2nd year and 3rd year SSMP students. Around 70 students had registered themselves for this trip to widen their knowledge in the field of tea processing.

Around 8 am, the buses set off from UMS to the tea farm at Ranau. The journey was about 3 hours and everyone arrived at Sabah Tea at 12pm. Students were welcomed by the representatives from Sabah Tea. Before the students visit the factory, they were arranged to have a video session. The video session introduced the history of the Sabah Tea factory, the procedure of tea processing and the type of tea produced by Sabah Tea. The representatives also told the students that there are a lot of events organised in Sabah Tea such as Sabah Tea Adventure Race, 24 hours Non Stop Mountain Bike Race and so on. These events had attracted many participants including foreigners who took part in them.

After the video session, the students were divided into two groups to enter the factory, leaded by the factory representative. Representative explained to students how the machines operate and the procedure step by step. The tea leaves which harvested manually or mechanized were undergo withering process to let the leaf to absorb moisture and concentrate the juices in the leaf. The withered leaf is then passed through machines which twist and squeeze the juices to the surface of the leaf. After that, the tea leaf undergoes fermentation process. It is an oxidation process where the tea juice in the presence of air oxidizes. It is essential for tea to be palatable. Fermented teas are transferred to oven to remove the moisture and arrest fermentation. The tea turn into black colour after this. Sorting process is the last step of processing. It is sorted according to sizes and shapes for identification by various specialists involved in tasting, buying and exporting of tea. The tea finally goes through the packaging process.

Around 1.30pm, students were invited to have lunch in the long houses which were prepared by Sabah Tea. After enjoying a luxuriant lunch, students were on the way back to UMS. There were many students who are not able to join this trip have express their opinion to the organiser that they hope there will be another trip like this in the future. Above that, it was an educational and fun trip.


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