Saturday, July 11, 2009

MSM muffin making, June 2009

25th June, a very special day, it was the first day of muffin baking by SSMP muffin baking team. We were going to make thousands and thousands of muffins for breakfast and tea-time for the new-coming juniors throughout the orientation week.

We had insufficient manpower… most of us are inexperienced… time was so short…
Will this mission be possible? We wondered…

At the end of the day, we didn’t realize that we had already baked over 1,600 vanilla flavored muffins, and at the same time, Thank God, the oven did not explode out of fatigue.

Oh yeah, we did it!! We hit our target on the first day since our target was 1,200 muffins.

On the next day, we continued our mission at 8am. Guess what… We succeeded in producing about 2,000 vanilla muffins!! It was tiring throughout the whole day, but I believe all the members in the muffin team enjoyed the process.

Throughout the few days, we produced mountains of muffins and did some packaging on bread and muffins for our beloved juniors. (Yes we do love you guys!)

We produced not only vanilla flavored muffins, but also chocolate flavored muffins. We produced the chocolate muffins with strawberry jam fillings for morning tea during “Program Bersama Sekolah”. Those muffins were specially made fresh from the oven on that morning itself, and served piping hot to our juniors. We do hope the juniors enjoyed it a lot!

We ended our muffin-baking days after baking a last batch of marble muffins for VIPs of the university. Despite all the hardship and our worn-out body, we enjoyed the days we fight our way together to our goal. A big thank you to the muffin making team! CHEERS!!

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Lai Siew Hong

Mushroom Farm Trip, April 2009

PMSSMP organized a mushroom farm trip to Kundasang under the lead of our EXCO of Sports and Recreation, See Soon Chai on 11th and 12th April. 80 seats were offered to students from 1st year and 2nd year of SSMP.

I joined the trip on the 12th as I had some work to do on Saturday. It was a fine sunny day and we waited at Kg. E bus stop as early as 6.45am. After everyone was ready and set to go, we boarded busses provided by UMS to the destination.
On the way, we enjoyed the scenery and took photos together =)

When we reach the mushroom farm, we were warmly greeted and welcomed by the organizers over there. All of us, if not most, tried the lingzhi tea prepared, one of the proud products produced by the farm.

We had a briefing about the process of mushroom farming, and also get exposed to different species of mushrooms being farmed in Malaysia.

After that, we had a tour around the farm. It was really interesting!

We had fun, had memories and also had cheap mushrooms!

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