Friday, March 20, 2009

Official List of PMSSMP board 2008/2009

It has been fixed last semester, but because the editor is busy with loads of assignments, no time to sleep, activities going around and short-term memory loss that she actually have not posted the name list on the board.............. *continues the whining*...... finally she realized it when she read through the blog herself (!!)

so now, to present the PMSSMP board of 2008/2009

Yang Di-Pertua : Debbie Teo Koon Hooi
Timb. Yang Di-Pertua 1 : Jennifer Wong Su Jen
Timb. Yang Di-Pertua 2 : Tan Heng Shian
Setiausaha : Leow Ee Pin
Timb. Setiausaha : Haziq B Hishan
Bendahari : Teo Qiao Xin
Timb. Bendahari : Ma Zheng Feei

Exco Projek dan Protokol : Loo Chong Sian
Exco Program dan Akademik : Mohd. Jeadi B Sidin
Exco Hubungan Luar dan Diplomatik : Tiang Ming Chee
Exco Penerbitan dan Informasi : Kim Bao Shunn
Exco IT dan Grafik : Charlotte Lok Sinn Ning
Exco Pengaduan dan Kebajikan : Nadzirah Zainordin

The board is there to help the students of SSMP in whatever way and whenever they can, so its very welcomed that you are able to express your problems to the board members, only then the problem can be known and help can be given.

So, feel free to voice out your problems to the representatives that you chose!

Liga Sukan UMS

Liga Sukan UMS will be from 25th February until 25th March 2009, and the opening ceremony has been on the 20th February 2009. SSMP has took part in all of the events.

On the opening ceremony, the marching team of SSMP has taken part in the marching event, which is also being taken part by all the other schools. We are proud to say that SSMP marching team has obtained 2nd runner up in the marching event! Congratulations to the achievement of SSMP marching team!

Besides marching, SSMP has representatives taking part in sports events, which includes soccer, basketball, netball and volleyball. As the event is coming to an end, most of the rounds have been over, but there'll be a final round of qualifying round for men's basketball, which will be on the coming 26th, 4pm at UMS sports complex. Feel free to go to the sports complex to support SSMP basketball team!

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