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Food Bites Compilation

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Welcome Messages

A message from Whee Sim, our dearest President of PMSSMP

Hello and welcome everyone, thank you for joining us in this blog.
I am very happy to be invited to leave my words in this blog. First of all I would like to say congratulation and thank you to Elsa our PMSSMM Exco IT and Information for putting effort into creating this blog successfully. I was expected to write a very formal speech on this blog to welcome all of you here. However, when I start writing this I feel that sometimes it is good to be able to relax and this is also one of the reasons this blog is set up. For all those SSMP students out there, this blog is set up hoping that the students can have an informal platform where all of us can discuss about stuff that happen lately and getting latest information about the school and the filed that all of us are related to. Although getting bus to SSMP nowadays is much easier but I still notice that the “bonding” among ssmp students are still not strong enough. Through the setting up of this blog I hope that all of us can fully utilize this blog as a bridge to bring us all together. Together we can achieve more than we can image. Finally I hope that this blog will fulfill it propose and will be beneficial to SSMP students.

A message from Melissa Tan, Vice President of PMSSMP

Bienvenue and Welcome to the first PMSSMP blog.
The creation of this blog is one of the efforts that PMSSMP is doing for all students of SSMP. We hope that by creation of this blog, SSMPians can benefit from it. Firstly, we would like to extend our gratitude to our first Exco IT dan Reka Cipta of PMSSMP, Elsa, for making this blog a reality. This blog is created so that SSMPians get to know what is happening or will take place in our school and the society with just a click away. News and announcements will be posted here as soon as we get the news (and of course, internet connection). So, if any of you happened to miss/skip lecture due to some unavoidable reasons (ahem), you can check out from here if anything was announced or told in the class. There may be even some humour sections if anything interesting/funny incident/event had taken place among us. We will avoid gossips at all cost!! We could not afford the lawyer and court bills if someone decided to sue us. And exam tips??? Hmmm… It is in consideration (=
All SSMPians can drop by and give some comments, as long as it is polite and relevant to the issue. PMSSMP reserves the rights to delete or disapprove any comments that are deemed malicious, rude, and irrelevant to the post. Do not hesitate to comment on ways to improve PMSSMP or the blog. This is also another platform for all of us to communicate to make things better for ourselves and SSMP. If there is anyone of you are interested in being a blogger for PMSSMP blog (which means being a Secretariat!!!), contact any of the PMSSMP board members. Don’t worry, we do not bite =p

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kuiz Piala Dekan SSMP 2008

Dean Quiz Cup SSMP 2008
"Akademik teguh meransang jati diri"

Date: 22nd March 2008

Time: 0900-1800

Venue: Bilik Seminar SSMP

Paticipants: Open to all

Name of Person-in-charge (contact number): Haziq (012-4116579)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

March Food Bites

MARCH 2008

Note From Editor

Welcome back! It’s the year 2008 and a brand new semester for all. As you can see, Food Bites has returned with a new look to usher in the new year. As the new EXCO of Publications and Information cum Editor of Food Bites, I’m grateful for this opportunity to take over and run this monthly newsletter, which pioneered last year as the first ever publication from the School of Food Science and Nutrition (SSMP).

Last year we bid farewell to our 2006/2007 board members of PMSSMP who did an excellent job in lifting the status of PMSSMP amongst UMS students, especially the students of SSMP. The annual general meeting, was held in the library auditorium and the new board which will take over in the year 2007/2008 was selected. Lead by Ms How Whee Sim, they will continue the effort of the previous board as well as lift up to expectations from SSMP. A slight change has been made to this new board whereby the post of EXCO Tugas-tugas Khas has been replaced by the new EXCO IT dan Grafik. The new EXCO of IT and Graphics will be in charge of SSMP’s newly constructed blog, Food Alley, which contains the latest information regarding SSMP, just a click away.

This issue of Food Bites will give you a brief introduction of the new PMSSMP board members , including the members of the High Council and Executive Council. Also found in this issue is an interview with the new PMSSMP President Ms How Whee Sim about her new post and vision for the new board. Besides that, there is a feature on SSMP’s new blog,, filled with everything SSMP. Last but not least, an article about “Kempen 5M” organised by the Ministry of Health is most appropriate during this festive season, whereby healthy selection of food plays a vital part in keeping the body in tune after the hectic holiday season.

Words of gratitude go out to those who have helped in making this publication a success, which include Jabatan HEP, Secretariats of EXCO of Publications and Information cum staff writers of Food Bites, and the new PMSSMP board. Food Bites has more to offer, watch out for it each month!

Upcoming Events

1. 9,16,23,30 March: Gerai Gaya Hidup Sihat, Gaya Street
2. 22 March: Dean’s Cup Quiz
3. 28—30 March: Food Science and Nutrition Camp, Sipitang

We Are On The Web!

Food Alley —
PMSSMP has a new blog! Named “Food Alley”, this blog serves as a online platform for PMSSMP to reach out to SSMP students, and also for SSMP students to interact and voice out their opinion.
This blog is created by PMSSMP’s EXCO of IT and Graphics, Ms Elsa Yeo. She will be in charged of updating us with the development in SSMP as well as PMSSMP. A softcopy of “Food Bites” can also be found in the new blog.
“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” is the tagline for “Food Alley”. True to the tagline, “Food Alley” gives us in SSMP a common ground for anything related to our area of study, which is the science and technology of food, as well as nutrition. Links to Nutriweb Malaysia and British Nutrition Society are also available.
Do visit “Food Alley” often for updates, information and interaction. “Food Alley” awaits your contributions to make it a strong link between you and SSMP.

Interview with the new president
~~~~~Ms How Whee Sim~~~~~

Brimming with fiery passion to carry out the multitude of activities she has planned, this petite but effervescent lady still manages to bring smiles to the people around her despite the her hectic schedule. She is all set to give her all to enrich the lives of SSMP students and staff. Food Editor, Debbie Teo is all smiles as her initial trepidation turns to warmth when she finds out more about the PMSSMP President of session 2007/2008.
EB — Editorial Board, WS — Whee Sim
EB: Congratulations on your success in becoming the new president of PMSSMP. On behalf of PMSSMP, I would like to know more about your thoughts on this new chapter in your life. As we all know, you were the EXCO of Special Duties in the 2006/2007 PMSMP Board, why did you go for the President post?
WS: Thank you. I interviewed for this post because I wanted to give something back to SSMP. I feel that being involved in university based activities is the best way to sharpen my management skills, which are essential in my future workplace.
EB: What is the difference between being an EXCO member and president of PMSSMP?
WS: The transition is quite obvious, as an EXCO member I’m only in charge of a specific area of work but being a president requires me to be attentive to more areas such as the welfare of PMSSMP and SSMP students as well as the effectiveness of PMSSMP. It can be different when t comes to managing people compared to managing stuff. Basically, it’s the greater responsibility which makes the difference.
EB: Do you have any past leadership experiences prior to this?
WS: I was the director of the first Food Science and Technology Carnival held in SSMP last year, one of the board of directors for Family Day 2007 as well as a member of the Orientation week (MSM) muffin production team.
EB: What do think of SSMP in general and what are your aspirations towards SSMP?
WS: In a nutshell, SSMP is equipped with new facilities in line with our area of study. It’s students are hardworking and talented, and its lecturers are resourceful with high capability. I hope that SSMP can be a renown school amongst other schools in the same field. Besides that, I’m inspired to make PMSSMP an entity which the students of SSMP can trust and rely upon as their representative.
EB: How do you juggle between studies and PMSSMP activities?
WS: Study wise, I pay attention during lectures and plan my studying hours. I try to maximize the time that I have on my hands and not to procrastinate by putting first things first. I also make sure that I have time to balance between my studies and extra activities such as university based programmes.
EB: Anyone you would like to thank?
WS: The students of SSMP of course for this opportunity to serve as president of PMSSMP, seniors, friends as well as lecturers who dote on me and give me support whenever I need them.
EB: Lastly, any advise for those who are interested in becoming a member of PMSSMP?
WS: Being a student representative is not an easy task, therefore be prepared to work hard, have full commitment, and good time management skills. The reward is satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in the work you do. When there’s a will there’s a way.
EB: Thank you for spending time with Food Bites. On behalf of the PMSSMP board members, I would like to wish you success in leading PMSSMP towards becoming a more established student body in UMS.

What do others think of Whee Sim?

“Whee Sim is living proof of superhuman existence. She inspires with her ability to lead a balanced life and always lend a helping hand even though she probably has a million and one other things to do.”
~Jennifer Wong Su Jen, Treasurer, PMSSMP 2007/2008.

“One word. Capable. Am so amazed by her ability to multi-task so efficiently. A great leader with a great personality to pair with. Fun to chill with.”
~Choo Huey Yi, Vice Treasurer, PMSSMP 2007/2008.

Kempen 5M

“Kempen 5M” is a campaign run by the Health Ministry to encourage healthy eating among Malaysians. The 5M’s in this campaign indicates the correct way to plan our daily diet.. They are as follows:

1. Mengurangkan gula
2. Mengurangkan garam
3. Mengurangkan minyak
4. Melebihkan buah-buahan
5. Melebihkan sayur-sayuran

First of all, “mengurangkan gula” refers to reduction of sugar level in our daily diet. It refers to the simple sugars which are added to food to make it taste sweet such as sugar in coffee, tea and confectionaries. Simple sugars do not contain any other nutrients in them besides simple carbohydrates and according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), should not contribute more than 10% of the total energy required in a day. Excess sugar in the diet increases the level of blood glucose in the body, thus increasing the risk of being diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Therefore simple sugar intake can be reduced by eating naturally, without added sugar. Gradual reduction in sugar intake can lower the body’s dependency towards it, hence lowers the intake in the long run.

“Mengurangkan garam” means to reduce the level of salt in the daily diet. Salt, also known as sodium chloride, is mainly used in seasoning and preservation of foods. Salt is important in balancing the ions in the body but in excess brings about health conditions such as high blood pressure. Salt can be found in most processed food including fast food, canned food, and preserved food. However, process food cannot be avoided especially among busy city folks who do not have time to prepare their own food. Therefore salt intake can be reduced by substituting them with natural seasonings such as herbs ad spices. Avoid adding extra salt including soya sauce, oyster sauce, monosodium glutamate (MSG) to food which already contain natural sodium.

The third component to reduce is fat. “Mengurangkan minyak” states clearly that high levels of fat in our daily diet put health at risk. High levels of fat is the main cause of many cardiovascular diseases. According to the Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) of Malaysia, fat should only contribute 20—30% to the daily energy requirement. Fats can be found in animals in the form of animal fats and it can also be found in the form of plant fats. Fats are important in aiding the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Excess of it causes it to be stored in the walls of the arteries, clogging the pathway for blood circulation. Fats that should be reduced are saturated fats usually present in animal fats, and trans fatty acids. Fats that are “healthy” are unsaturated fats and poly unsaturated fats usually found in fish and plant oil.

Reducing aside, intake of fruits should be increased, as phrase “melebihkan buah-buanhan” suggests. Based on the food guide pyramid, one should consume 3—5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and one serving being a slice a papaya, a banana , an orange or half a cup of fruit juice. Fruits have a large amount of vitamins, minerals and fibre which are beneficial and they are low in fat, sodium and calories. It is advisable to eat the whole fruit because the skin of the fruits such as apples or grapes contain antioxidants and phytochemicals which are essential to the body. Fruits have natural sugar, therefore intake of sugar can be reduced by eating more fruits instead of artificial ones.

Last but not least, “melebihkan sayur-sayuran” is to increase the intake of vegetables in the daily diet. Similar to fruits, vegetables contain essential vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and K which act as antioxidants and helps in the immune system. Vegetables especially dark green and leafy ones also contain essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium which help to regulate the various chemical processes in the body. 3—5 servings of vegetables and fruits are required in the daily diet where 1 serving equals to half a cup of leafy vegetables with the stem, half a cup of tapioca or yam, or half a cup of root vegetables such as carrots.

It is very important to have a healthy diet in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. So start practicing the 5M’s today!


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