Friday, July 2, 2010

Report of Food Science Educational Field Trip


Our school SSMP had organize an educational trip to Cap Kuda Coffee Factory & Simply Chocolate Factory. It is indeed a fun way of learning and applied what we had learned from the school to the outside world. In the Food world, it is vital that the students are able to applied the knowledge they acquire to reality of food production. Thus field trips such as these are an eye opener and as a 1st exposure to the student in real life.

The first stop is the coffee factory. Coffee is also one of the most outstanding industry as millions and millions of consumer are taking it daily. In the factory, we are expose to the type of coffee and how it is manufactured. Golden rules in coffee production are also given to us verbally. We are also to view different massive, sophisticated devices used in the production. Hence, this expose us more into the food world.

The second stop is the chocolate factory. Chocolate as we know is a very tantalizing delicacy. It is also one of the most attractive candy in the pastry world. Thus, visiting to such factory enable we to learn more about the food. For instance, we are able to observe personally how chocolate is manufactured and it’s process. Beside we are exposing to the variety of chocolate in Sabah. Lastly, really lucky, we are able to get the fresh test of little piece of different chocolate produce by the factory.

Lastly, this trip is really meaningful as it can give us memories by binding bonds between our school mates but also increase our exposure to the food world.

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